School Site - Procedures on How to Order Field/Study Trip Lunches

1. Please email the cafeteria manager at your site 14 days prior to Study Trip date with approximate number of lunches required per classroom and teachers names.

2. 3 School days prior to Study Trip, email your cafeteria manager and the Nutrition Services Office your final Study Trip Lunch Request Form E with all the students names who have requested lunches.
Please Note: All students must be offered a nutritionally adequate meal everyday including Study Trips. Regulations require that we do not discriminate against anyone.

3. Lunches will be ready in the kitchen at your site the morning of your study trip. One copy of the Study Trip Lunch Request will accompany each class’ lunches with the names of the students that was provided 3 school days prior (step 2). This paper will stay with the lunches until they are distributed by the teacher at your destination. Please place a check mark in the space provided on the right next to the names of the students who you distribute lunches to. If a student who originally requested a school lunch no longer requires the school lunch due to bringing their own lunch from home or being absent and another student forgot their lunch, you may provide the school lunch to that student. Add that student’s name to the end of the list and check that you have provided them with the remaining lunch. If a student is absent please indicate that information next to the student’s name using the letter “A”.

4. Upon returning to your school, please take the paper you used to verify that the lunches were distributed along with any unused lunches and return to the kitchen at your site. This ensures that the proper accounts have been charged and also verifies that the students listed did receive a lunch.

Study Trip Lunch Request - Click on Form E in procedures above

Begins: August 7, 2019-New Study Trip Menu:

Field Trip Lunch Menu K-8th 2019.20.pdf

Request must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Pizza Party Request 

Pizza Party Ordering Procedures: Classroom Pizza Party Order Form 2020.pdf

Pizza Party Order Form: Pizza Party Site Ordering Procedures 2019-20.pdf

Request must be made at least 14 days in advance August-April and 28 days in advance for May & June.


BBQ Ordering Procedures:BBQ School Site Ordering Procedures 2019.20.pdf

BBQ Order Form: BBQ Order Form 2019-2020.pdf

Request must be made at least 14 days in advance August- April and 28 days in advance for May & June with a minimum student/adult amount of 75.